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MediaLink24.net | Rurôni Kenshin: Sai shûshô - The Beginning (ENG DUB) (2021)

Rurôni Kenshin: Sai shûshô - The Beginning (ENG DUB) (2021)

Rurôni Kenshin: Sai shûshô - The Beginning (ENG DUB) (2021)

Action \ Adventure \ Drama \

Rating 8 / 10

Voted 866

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Category Foreign Language
Quality 1080 HD
File Size 2.63 GB
Play Time 137 min
Total View 400

In the year 1864, samurai Kenshin Himura was known as the Battosai, a deadly assassin whose fierce swordsmanship has killed over one hundred men in one year. When he saves a young woman, Tomoe Yukishiro, from some thugs at an inn, the two slowly begin an attraction that leads to a marriage. This leads Kenshin to potentially give up his sword for the sake of love. However, those who are in support of the Shogunate will not let Kenshin off too easy. The story of how Kenshin received his trademark star-shaped scar is revealed in this prequel, which also serves as the final installment of the live-action franchise adaptation of the manga and anime. Written by Albert Valentin

Masanobu AndôMasanobu Andô
Towa ArakiTowa Araki
Kasumi ArimuraKasumi Arimura
Kentez AsakaKentez Asaka
Yôsuke EguchiYôsuke Eguchi

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